Magnom Magnetic Filtration, increases productivity and extends transmission life for cement kiln drive transmissions.

  Magnom Magnetic filtration has been used to clean highly viscous lubricating fluids used in kiln drive transmissions, to protect the highly stressed transmissions, running 24/7, and to extend their production life, while massively reducing maintenance and repair costs. While the reduction in maintenance costs was highly attractive, it was the extended availability of the… Read more

Extending the Service Life of Wind Turbine Transmissions

COULD MAGNOM TECHNOLOGY BE THE CURE FOR PREMATURE FAILURE OF WIND TURBINE TRANSMISSIONS? The MAGNOM Cores pictured in these images were removed from the lubrication system of a wind turbine gearbox after six months of normal operation.   The MAGNOM unit was installed in the lubrication system downstream of the traditional barrier filter (10 micron… Read more


Magnom Technology has been selected by X-Tech Italy to protect their innovative Echo LPG systems. The new LPG system injects LPG as a liquid at high pressure, rather than the current low tech low pressure gas introduction systems, this requires the the LPG system be ultra clean ( LPG is historically dirty), so as to… Read more


Whayne CAT have just launched their new website As they expand awareness of the benefits experienced by their customer base. This new website, and the product datasheets, are designed to expand the knowlage and experience of the benefits available to end users in fitting Magnom products to off highway equipment, There is also a… Read more

Differential Pressure Test, BY ‘Bosch Rexroth’ Independent

The question always asked, when adding filtration to a system is…  “What is the Differential Pressure curve… clean to full, of contaminant”. Well the big news is… Magnom technology does not have any Differential Pressure , when either New (empty) or Full (Used), (the PD being nil/negligible). In fact the data from a Bosch Rexroth Independent is.. the… Read more

Magnom succeeds in Norwegian high tech EDM plant

GameChanger Science & Technology Norway, Proves another application success for Magnom Technology!!! Magnom Process Units, has cleaned more than 100 kg of superfine contamination from the clean side of the EDM  fluid since the recent install. Note! that the fluid cleaning facility originally purchased by Aaarbakke, cost millions of Norwegian Krona, however the Magnom Technology is cleaning… Read more

Strength in Numbers (Hydraulics & Pneumatics Magazine)

Four years of field use and analysis of vehicle maintenance histories reveal that the addition of Magnom high-strength magnetic separators to hydraulic filtration systems can reduce service expenses up to 80%. As a Caterpillar equipment dealer, we know that reducing maintenance costs and increasing uptime of our rental equipment are essential to the success of… Read more

Magnom Black Powder Solution

Following exhaustive testing, Magnom have recently supplied their first large scale installation to the Middle East, Magnom have supplied their technology into a customer sight in the Middle East, where it is cleaning Natural Gas and protecting the system and a compressor station, from abrasion and fouling caused by ‘Black Powder’. Black Powder is primarily… Read more

Magnom’s, ‘Black Powder’ project! More News

A ground-breaking project which prevents major power industry problems caused by ‘black powder’ in gas pipes has been developed by Warwick business Magnom Corporation. Specialist filter and separator manufacturer Magnom Corporation is renowned for its innovation in designing magnetics to clean fluids and gas with its clients ranging from Ferrari’s F1 cars to Ducati Moto… Read more