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BSL, Independent testing of Magnom Products, Key Benefit analysis.


Ever wondered what a sophisticated Ferrous separator can do for your transmissions and fluid power systems?


Then here is the evidence… remove the greatest threat ABSOLUTELY… not to a particle size

And remember these results are….  AFTER  A 7 MICRON Conventional filter.

These compelling results, totally validate the use of Magnom in providing real & tangible benefits to critical systems,


Don’t delay, enjoy the benefits now..


BSL Test and Beneft data…

Magnom Independent Test Data,

Here we have truly independent performance data and analysis of Magnom products in a dynamic fluid system, from the rewound industry experts SSI inc.

If there was any doubt that Magnom can deliver real and substantial benefits to your systems, then here is the conclusive proof.

Imagine what Magnom could do for your system,,, longer equipment life, longer service intervals, increased equipment availability, reduced warranty claims, higher general performance…



SSI test results here…