Magnom were asked by Rolls Royce to develop and produce a version of their magnetic separation technology, to fit in conjunction with the existing system design of the latest development of their Trent 500 Turbo Fan Jet engine.

This highly developed engine can be found in applications :- from Power Generation to the A340 Airbus used across the globe by all of the major airlines.

The Trent 500, like many other Turbo Fan jet propulsion power units has a gearbox,

This gearbox is driven by a quill shaft from the main rotor shaft,

The gearbox powers all of the engines ancillary systems e.g. starter, generator, oil, hydraulic & fuel pumps etc…

Gearboxes can be the main source of ferrous contamination, and given that the Trent 500 utilises a common oil lubrication system, it is essential to use every possible technology to prevent any migration of micro fine contaminants (especially hard and sharp ferrous particulate) from reaching the main rotor shaft bearings, (as these shafts and bearings can rotate at 1000’s of RPM),

The reliability of Rolls Royce engines is world renowned, Magnom Corp were grateful for the confidence shown by Rolls Royce, in both their Technology and technical ability, and for the opportunity to enable them to develop a solution for long term testing on actual Trent 500 turbo Fan engines.

The development Magnom units depicted here, has been on test in Spain, to prove benefit and reliability on the Rolls Royce power units.

More information will be made available in due course.