Magnom magnetic filtration with Red Bull F1 team

Magnom Corp were approached by Red Bull F1 in Milton Keynes, to provide a filtration/separation solution for their F1 engine and transmission Dynomometer Test bed,

This equipment is used to run-in and evaluate F1 power units, prior to use on the worlds F1 race tracks.

This represents a very tough environment for any equipment, as the systems are run to their maximum, time after time.
It is essential that the fluids supplying the Dyno and Power-units are kept free from damaging debris, which can be generated as the equipment is run to its maximum, to ascertain and ensure the capability of the F1 engines and transmissions on test.

The units of choice for this application was the Magnom Midi product,

Magnom Midi, Magnetic Filtration Unit,

This product represents a low cost and versatile units, that has seen use on a wide variety of applications… including hydraulic and lubrication systems, to fuel and water applications .


The Midi, Mini & Max product line is often employed by industry for the protection of critical systems, such as test cells, run-in test beds, as well as employed directly on the products them selves, in such  applications as transmissions, fuels & Hydraulics.

When Fe (steel & Iron) is generated within a system, it is generally less than 10 micron in size, which enables this super sharp & super hard debris to pass straight through conventional filtration, and is thus re-circulate around the system, again and again causing further wear and damage… to the point of failure.

Magnom is the patented common sense solution to this issue, and is becoming more and more recognised as such by industry generally and in very high performance applications.

Magnom… The simple and Obvious Solution!