Longer equipment life – greater productivity – lower costs

The Ultimate Magnetic Filter

Up to 100% Single Pass Efficient at Sub 10 micron, in independent testing

See the Magnom White paper here…. ‘Size is not important, Threat is’

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Improving the life and performance of all fluid systems!

Rapid removal of contaminants from fluid systems

See Magnom’s™ unique core technology cleaning micron size ferrous particles from a wide range of industrial fluids in the “How It works” link above.

The Magnom™ Magnetic Filter eradicates ferrous particles.


Microscopic ferrous particles damage industrial fluid systems & degrade products.

Magnom Magnetic Filters are the solution to the ferrous contamination of industrial fluids.

Magnom filters fluids such as: fuels, lubricants, hydraulic oils, transmission & cooling fluids, cutting oils, water, and even 95/5 hydraulic oil such as phosphate esters (e.g. Skydrol™)

Magnom Magnetic Filters Work at high or low pressures, temperatures, viscosity, flow rates & vibration levels.

Magnom supports all operating regimes:­ ‘fit & forget’ for closed systems, extended cleaning cycles, or easy access for machine tools making kilograms of waste each day.

Supersedes all magnetic filters.

Magnom™ compliments & in some cases replaces conventional barrier filters as stand­alone filtration.


The Magnom Magnetic Filter enhances performance & saves money.

Conventional filters offer poor protection from micron size ferrous particles circulating in modern close tolerance equipment.

Magnom are:­ The Specialists in Magnetic Filtration & separation technology.

Let the Magnom™ Magnetic Filter work inside your systems ­ protecting you and your customers equipment.

Highly Efficient Removal of “Black Dust” Magnetite, from Gas and Water systems.


Magnom™ PumpMate ­ Magnetic Suction Strainer

The MAGNOM PumpMate Magnetic Suction Strainer is designed primarily to protect hydraulic pumps. This magnetic suction strainer replaces traditional strainers with MAGNOM’s high efficiency, patented magnetic technology protects the entire system from inside the system’s hydraulic tank / reservoir for the life of the vehicle & system.

  • Fine filtration without risk of pump cavitation
  • Negligible pressure drop & full fluid flow even when full of contaminant
  • Removes ferrous and some non­ferrous particles down to sub­micron sizes
  • Contaminant removal without ‘wash off’ of collected particles
  • Unparalleled protection of Hydraulic and Lubrication Systems
  • Rexroth AB standard approved


The Ultimate Suction Strainer

Learn how Magnom patented magnetic filter’s clean ultra fine ferrous contamination from fluids ­ effectively, economically, reliably.

The Magnom™ Magnetic Filter, simply the best!