Key Benefits & Features

Key Features

Microscopic particle removal – down to 0.07um.
Negligible pressure drop
Pump Suction-side capable
No contaminant wash off
No movIng parts or consumable components to fail
Large storage capacity
Collects non ferrous particles also
Scalable technology up to 140bar and 600oF
Compatible with performance enhancing additives
Works in high pressure, high flow and high vibration environments
PATENTED & PROVEN technology

Key Benefits

Increased life of equipment and lubricants
Reduced downtime
Improved quality of processed parts
Improved performance of closed systems
Easy maintenance
Easy inspection
Reduced Maintenance Cost

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BSL… Independent testing of Magnom products, and key benefits…

Why Magnom?  

And not some other for of magnetic device?

To simplify an explanation… basic magnetic devises tend to just attempt to radiate magnetic flux into a void/space, the implication being that strong magnets alone might improve their performance, and to some degree in certain circumstances ‘they might’ (in low flow, and non critical systems, such as machine coolant).

But given that Magnetic energy reduces in value, ‘by the inverse of the cube’ then an increase in magnetic value on the surface of a magnet has very limited impact on its ability to radiate further from the source, thus a limited ability to remove and retain Fe contaminants.

With Magnom Technology, we ‘by design’ approach this from the opposite perspective, i.e.

Rather than attempted to radiate magnetic flux into an expanding void, in the hope that it will attract harmful contaminant (even though the flux energy in crude/basic magnetic devices, will be very weak, even when quite close to the magnetic source).

Our products principal difference is that…Magnom’s unique design ensures that we drive all fluid/gas through a controlled high magnetic flux field/gradient, thus ensuring that all contaminant is exposed to this very intense flux matrix, and removed from the flow into traps that ensure it is not exposed to the fluid once removed, so as to avoid any possibility of re-introduction into the system.

Basic magnetic devices tend to leave any contaminant exposed to fluid flow, enabling it to be washed off the magnets and re-enter the systems fluid.

Please see the links below for a basic depiction of Magnom Tech in action.

The Magnom core acts like a magnetic lens, focusing and magnifying the magnetic energy into the fluid flow path, thus the flux gradient in a Magnom core is very complex, and as such the energy generated by the Magnom core is amplified many times that of the surface of a magnet (including rare earth materials).

To summarise…

Magnom is simply the ‘most effective magnetic separator’ we have come across.


Truly independent and thorough testing and analysis at SSI, of the performance of Magnom product, in dynamic fluid systems…