Magnetic filtration & the Prevention of failure of cement kiln drive transmissions

Magnetic Filtration The build-up of micrometre-sized ferrous particles in lubricating fluid can result in the heavy wear and subsequent failure of cement kiln drive transmissions. The application of magnetic filtration technology has proven to not only rectify this issue but can prevent build-up occurring, thereby increasing productivity and extending transmission life. The build-up of ferrous… Read more

Magnom & Philadelphia Gear join forces to eliminate transmission / gearbox failures

Magnom MAX XL product line, now forms the backbone of Philadelphia Gear’s CORE system,   Which virtually eliminates ferrous metal contamination as a cause of lubrication related failures in gearboxes. With more than a century of gear design and manufacturing behind us, Philadelphia Gear understands how lubricant contamination can negatively impact the operation of your… Read more

REXROTH & Magnom prove the value of Pre Pump, Suction filtration

Variable Piston Pumps ‘VP Pumps’ along with more conventional pumps, have to ingest contaminants from the reserviour that pass return line filtration. Historic use of mesh/suction filters has been proven to cause cavitation and premature pump failure. Thus these typical suction strainers have to be made of very course mesh, rendering them unable to stop… Read more

Noria, and The Rationale For Using Magnetic Particle Collectors

By Jim Fitch, Noria Corporation, Let’s face it: Machines in industry are largely made of iron and steel. Ferrous metals both encase these machines and bear the brunt of most friction, wear and corrosion. Often, the most critical machine components, parts and surfaces are those that possess the greatest intrinsic strength and wear resistance. In more… Read more


Magnom agent HYPOWER CHINA ( has developed a revolutionary filtration solution to protect critical hydraulic and lubrication systems. The solution is entirely self contained, with its own pump and internal plumbing. The solution has conventional filtration cartridges with Magnom patented magnetic cores also incorporated into the assembly, Providing an off the shelf, self contained filtration… Read more

Mercury Marine use Magnom filtration Technology.

Mercury Marine, The US leader in Marine outboards & drive systems, use Magnom Filtration Technology, as an OEM fitment, to further enhance the reliability and efficiency of their POD drive hydraulic and lube systems. Magnom removes the highly damaging particles that circulate in hydraulic and lubrication systems, these contaminant ate typically left in circulation by… Read more

Magnom succeeds in Norwegian high tech EDM plant

Aarbakke a.s is one of Norway’s leading manufacturers of speciality downhole equipment for the offshore industry ( ). They work in close cooperation with all major oil companies and service companies including Halliburton-Schlumberge-Weatherford. The factory itself is state of the art, including all new equipment and even orange trees in the main manufacturing area to… Read more

Magnom Magnetic Filtration, increases Power production, and extends transmission life.

  Magnom Magnetic filtration has been used/proven to clean highly viscous lubricating fluids used in power transmissions in Major Power stations in Europe (particularly coal powered), to protect the highly stressed transmissions, running 24/7, and to extend their production life, while massively reducing maintenance and repair costs.   While the reduction in maintenance costs was… Read more