Magnom were asked by Rolls Royce to develop and produce a version of their magnetic separation technology, to fit in conjunction with the existing system design of the latest development of their Trent 500 Turbo Fan Jet engine. This highly developed engine can be found in applications :- from Power Generation to the A340 Airbus… Read more

Hydrostatic Filtration for main loop/circuit component protection.

Hydrostatic transmissions are seeing wider and wider application, in numerous systems :- from ride on lawn mowers, to their application in lower cost 4 x 4 automotive vehicles & off highway wquipment. But there has been a recurring issue with Hydrostatic systems since their initial conception & development… in that:- The main fluid circuit has… Read more

Magnetic filtration, Steel Production, Quenching & De-Scaling solutions

Magnom products have been widely used and accepted as the solution of choice for controlling ferrous contaminant generated in Quenching & de-scaling operations is steel plants world wide (Ferrous Contamination Removal), as well as in numerous Lubrication and Hydraulic applications. This issues with ferrous/iron & steel chips and fine contaminants, including rust & ferrous oxide,… Read more

Ducati Corse MotoGP and Magnom magnetic filtration

The Ducati MotoGP team ‘Ducati Corse’ have been using Magnom magnetic filtration for almost a decade now. Following a meeting some years ago now between the Magnom team and the man himself ‘Claudio Domenicali’, head of Ducati Corse (Racing) at the time, now CEO of Ducati. It was decided that a unique development of the Magnom… Read more

Magnom magnetic filtration with Red Bull F1 team

Magnom Corp were approached by Red Bull F1 in Milton Keynes, to provide a filtration/separation solution for their F1 engine and transmission Dynomometer Test bed, This equipment is used to run-in and evaluate F1 power units, prior to use on the worlds F1 race tracks. This represents a very tough environment for any equipment, as… Read more

Magnom magnetic Filtration In Mercedes F1 Engine Production

When Mercedes F1 Racing engines wanted to ensure they produced the highest quality components and engines for F1 teams… They decided to use Magnom Magnetic filtration technology to supper clean their production process fluids. Mercedes AMG F1 engine designd & production in ‎Brixworth‎, Northamptonshire, UK. This was to ensure that damaging micro-fine particles were not… Read more

Magnetic Filtration & Ferrari F1 / Formula 1

Magnom magnetic filtration entered F1 with Ferrari back in 2004 Following exhaustive testing, a development of this innovative magnetic filtration was fitted to the F1 cars of Michel Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello, for the first race of the season in Australia… The two Ferrari drivers finished 1 & 2 and Michel Schumacher went on to… Read more

What does using Magnom Magnetic Filtration mean for me and my company!!!!

What does using Magnom Magnetic Filtration mean for me and my company!!!! To truly understand the huge benefit offered by Magnom Technology I often ask engineers to just forget conventional sieve filtration for a moment, as I would not want it to corrupt the thought process and unique understanding offered by the Magnom proposition. Essentially… Read more

HYDAC Magnetic Filtration test

HYDAC  Magnetic Filtration test Magnom magnetic filtration technology Magnom Corp, innovators in magnetic filtration/separation technology developed a special magnetic core to fit inside the popular Hydac LF 60, LF 110 & LF 240 filter housings. It seemed only fit that this evolution in filtration technology be tested in house at Hydac. It is clear from… Read more