PumpMate Range

Magnom™ PumpMate

PumpMate Range

The Magnom™ PumpMate Magnetic Filter (Magnetic Suction Strainer) is specifically designed to protect hydraulic pumps on the suction side, inside the tank (reservoir).

The patented design filters the suction side of pumps. Unlike a standard Suction Strainer which really is NOT a filter Magnom™ provides the performance of a 1 micron absolute hydraulic filter cartridge on the suction side of a pump. This is accomplished without wash-off of collected particles as seen with standard magnetic filters, suction strainers or standard hydraulic filters.

This is a generational leap in technology for the protection of critical hydraulic and lubrication pumps with virtually no pressure drop or restriction to flow, even when the PumpMate unit is ‘full’ of contaminant.

With negligible risk of pump cavitation, the Magnom™ PumpMate removes fine ferrous and some nonferrous materials to sub-micron levels and has a very high contaminant holding capacity, offering OEMs and Operators a true ‘fit and forget’ solution.

Special Features & Benefits

  • Fine filtration without risk of pump cavitation
  • Negligible pressure drop & full fluid flow even when full of contaminant
  • Removes ferrous and some nonferrous particles down to submicron sizes
  • Contaminant storage without ‘wash off’ of collected particles


  • Primary: Hydraulics
  • Secondary: Transmissions, Lubrication Oils, Fuel
  • Subject to application: Coolants

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