Magnom Filters for lubrication, hydraulics and water systems

Suction Filtration (Pre Pump)

Suitable for suction lines in hydraulic & lubrication tanks and reservoirs

PumpMate Range
PumpMate Range

Magnom Pre-Filter Units

IMG_0526_1 - PFU 200

Magnom PFU Range

Suitable for use with matching Spin-On filters


In-Line Units

Suitable for mounting directly In-Line in a variety of fluid circuits

Mini / Midi / Max Range
Mini / Midi / Max Range

Circuit Protection Units
Circuit Protection Units

IPU & Max XL products
IPU & Max XL products

Bowl Filters

Generally used in process applications & transmissions

Magnomâ„¢ Clear 5
Clear 5 / 10 / 20 / LF Core

Engineered Products

Typically used in steel production, black powder (magnetite) and fine machine tool applications

MPU & Multi Round process units

About Magnom technology