Reducing parts failure

A standard, stainless-steel Magnom unit has improved system reliability at a Westinghouse managed nuclear power station in the Czech Republic. The Magnom filter has been installed in the steam generator blow down sample line at steam generator number 4 at the Temelin Nuclear Power Plant, which as a flow pressure of 6.4 to 6.8MPa and a temperature of 100oC .

Debris as small as 1 micron that was removed would otherwise have continued to circulate and potentially could seed the build-up of larger, catastrophically damaging particles.

Improving manufacturing quality

A French bearing manufacturer is using Magnom Clear 5 filters, working in conjunction with a conventional 50 micron cartridges to remove the fine ferrous debris from washing fluid .

The improved cleanliness of finished products was critical to the firm in retaining major accounts with OEMs like JCB and Caterpillar. The firm also found that its consumption of expensive additives was reduced, as was downtime.

Cleaning general service water

Ironbridge Power Station in Shropshire, UK uses Magnom units to clean general service water to the main heat exchangers, and this has helped it to avoid regular fan failures.

Due to be decommissioned in 2015, the power station burns coal from Russia, but has plans to switch to burning of wood pellets. Operators E.ON are keen to keep equipment running until closure.

Industrial washing

TARKMET Oy are a Finnish supplier of diesel pump parts to engine manufacturers, and the cleanliness of the delivered parts is vital if it is to reduce warranty costs and retain customers.

A Magnom Clear Unit was installed in a washing machine to filter the washing fluid of the steel parts, after which parts are sampled for finish and cleanliness. Visual inspection of the Magnom core was sufficient to show just how much metallic particulate, ranging from less than one to thousands of micron, had previously been compromising Tarkmet’s reputation for quality.

Coolant cleaning

GKN Hardy Spicer, a UK axle manufacturer, was experiencing repeated bearing failures in Nova high frequency grinder machines. Magnom quickly realised that the bearings in the system were failing through overheating because the cooling jackets around the spindles were blocking with rust from the steel parts of the system.

Magnom Clear 5 units were fitted In-Line with the cooling water loops on all of all 64 high frequency spindles to overcome this problem with 100% success . The debris collected proved indeed to be predominantly rust particles, ranging in size from less than a micron up to 900 microns.

Coolant cleaning – dialysis mode

The engine production facility at Hams Hall was the first BMW engine plant to be built outside Germany and Austria, and since 2001 has played a crucial role in BMW Group’s international production network producing four-cylinder petrol engines for both BMW and MINI.

The plant needed to circulate 12000 litres of cooling fluid per day in a centralised system for 8 multi-headed spindle gun drilling machines used in crank shaft production. A Magnom Inline Process Unit, installed offline in dialysis mode, reduced failures and extended coolant life by over 200%