Magnom™ is a British engineering design company, based at Warwick Technology Park, which offers a solution to the cause of the majority of catastrophic failures in fluid systems by filtering out ferrous particles. These particles are the most dangerous contaminant in fluid systems, yet the failure of conventional filtration to remove them is not highlighted by traditional measuring techniques, which focus on the size of a particle and not the threat it presents to a system. While they are often microscopic and small enough to escape notice in standard filtration testing, ferrous particles are the hidden assassins of fluid systems.

Magnom’s patented technology is used to produce inexpensive filtration units, typically fitted in addition to conventional mechanical mesh filters. Magnom units have exceptionally long life and a design which enables them to capture a surprisingly large mass of ferrous material, filtering particle sizes down to 0.07µ (1µ, or micron = one millionth of a meter) , while never impeding fluid flow. This makes them suitable for cleaning fluids on the inlet suction side of pumps, so they remove particles before they enter critical system components. More detail and diagrams of the ingenious concept are available at www.magnom.com.

Magnom filtration is being used in hundreds of applications worldwide, ranging from Formula 1 cars, where absolute fluid purity is essential to avoid wear and maintain efficiency, to closed systems such domestic heating systems where Magnom Boiler Buddy reduces build up of ferrous material on heat exchangers and adds to overall fuel efficiency . The long life of Magnom filters makes them ideal for use where scheduling downtime and gaining access for major maintenance is an issue, such as offshore wind turbines and deep sea trawlers.

Magnom technology is now being adopted increasingly in OEM markets such as the production and operation of off-road vehicles and closed heating systems. These are examples of markets where improved operating efficiency, reduced downtime and reduced warranty claims can have a rapid and measurable impact on bottom line productivity. The recent (Q1 2011) agreement between Magnom and U.S. Caterpillar distributor Whayne Supply is an example of this sort of collaboration.

Magnom is a trademark of Magnom Corporation.