Magnetic filtration, Steel Production, Quenching & De-Scaling solutions

Magnom products have been widely used and accepted as the solution of choice for controlling ferrous contaminant generated in Quenching & de-scaling operations is steel plants world wide (Ferrous Contamination Removal), as well as in numerous Lubrication and Hydraulic applications.

This issues with ferrous/iron & steel chips and fine contaminants, including rust & ferrous oxide, stems from the quenching and de-scaling process its self,

Where the surface scale is shed from the steel products as water is applied.

This then contaminates the water systems.

The water is typically fed into a large settlement lagoon, where the larger chips settle out,

But the small chips/contaminants recirculate, and are re-introduced into the system and process.

Destroying… valves, rotary couplings, pumps, as well as blocking spray nozzles.

This results in a very costly shut down of the plant while these issues are resolved,

The resulting loss of steel production often far out ways the repair, maintenance and replacement costs.

The ultimate cost of these failures to the steel plant can be enormous, so an effective solution needed to be found, to remove all of the ferrous contamination, efficiently and cost effectively, from the water systems.

Without restricting the flow of water ‘even when full of contaminant’ as the loss of water supply to the process can have very negative consequences.

Magnom IPU, MPU and In-Line products where tested and proved extremely efficient at controlling the contaminant built up in the water systems of these critical processes in steel production.

Thus saving expensive pumps, valves, rotary equipment, from premature failure and preventing the blocking of spray nozzles, thus improving steel production, and reducing the down time caused by ferrous contamination within these fluid systems, (loner up-time = more steel produced).

It can be seen from the images included in this item, that all the Magnom Magnetic filter products employed in steel production have proven very effective at removal of these damaging and costly contaminants,

The Magnom products have also been simple to install/deploy into specific locations within production systems, where they can deliver the best protection for critical components.

The units magnetic cores can be easily removed from their housing, and cleaned by local operatives, and then re-fitted to the system for continuous system protection, with no replacement filtration items to purchase… simply ‘Clean and Re-use’.

The revolutionary patented Magnom Magnetic Separation Equipment, has proven effective in many fluid applications, from Ferrari F1 cars, to protecting Pumps in Steel Plants, as well as in numerous other fluid systems, removing contaminants down to sub micron levels, with up-to 99.97% efficiency ‘Single pass’ at 10 microns.

And remember! The products remain non restrictive to fluid flow, even when full of collected contaminants.

Magnom :- Simple and yet very effective technology.