Magnom magnetic Filtration In Mercedes F1 Engine Production

When Mercedes F1 Racing engines wanted to ensure they produced the highest quality components and engines for F1 teams…

They decided to use Magnom Magnetic filtration technology to supper clean their production process fluids.

Mercedes AMG F1 engine designd & production in ‎Brixworth‎, Northamptonshire, UK.

This was to ensure that damaging micro-fine particles were not recirculated around critical production processes, causing tolerance issues and damage to super high specification F1 engine components.

Components such as camshafts valued at $15,000 each were being rejected as a result of 1 micron surface scratches.

Conventional filtration products could not clean the production systems to the exacting degree required at Mercedes AMG F1 engine design, development and production in ‎Brixworth‎, Northamptonshire UK.

Magnom provided the solution to the short-falls of mesh/media/interception filters.

A successful team…

It was the Magnom MPU (Magnom Production Units) that resolved the issues.

These production products can handle the equivalent of 4” diameter flow, hold up to 4 Kg of contaminants between servicing, without restricting the flow of system fluids, while removing contaminants as small as 0.07 micron.

The winning formula!

Magnom magnetic filtration has proven its self in production and dynamic environments time after time, delivering cost V value benefits in numerous production applications world wide…
From honing operations in Ford road cars USA to this Mercedes F1 production operation in the UK.

Magom Multi-Round & MPU

Process products