What does using Magnom Magnetic Filtration mean for me and my company!!!!

What does using Magnom Magnetic Filtration mean for me and my company!!!!

To truly understand the huge benefit offered by Magnom Technology I often ask engineers to just forget conventional sieve filtration for a moment, as I would not want it to corrupt the thought process and unique understanding offered by the Magnom proposition.

Essentially conventional filers are sieves, and are size discriminate!
But in our systems… size is not the threat, eg a 10 micron particle of say fibre offers little threat when compared to say a 10 micron particle of high carbon steel.

But a conventional filter treats these as the same, because it only addresses size and not threat!

Our history in the treatment of fluids here at Magnom teaches us something very import and very obvious in hind sight.

80% off all industrial and commercial products are manufactured from steel and iron. So it is no surprise that the majority of damaging contaminant trapped in products during manufacture are steel and iron!

Also during the break in (running in) process the contact surfaces that are breaking in against each other are typically high carbon steel!

Again during normal wear and tear during system use… high carbon steel particles are also present.
All of this is responsible for the start of the chain reaction of wear!

To quote Jim Fitch of Noria

“The worse things get…the faster things get worse”

Now! We do not have to be particularly well informed to conclude that these high carbon steel components that are ‘super hard, super sharp and microscopic in size’, are the greatest threat to any system (its essentially bits of the system killing the system),
These high carbon steel contaminants are also very small (typically sub 10 micron) this is because they are torn from hard surfaces, that don’t give them up easily. so they released from these surfaces as very small particles,
Having been torn off they are also angular and very sharp.

So it makes sense to treat these contaminants as the primary threat to our systems, be they industrial lube applications, or say hydraulic systems or indeed Formula one race systems.

What ever the system, Magnom offers a truly unique strategic answer to this 70 + year old problem. A problem that has been largely ignored while the only solution available was a sieve!

The Proposition…

Simply! remove the greatest threat, absolutely preferably before the systems pump!!!

(Before it is delivered to the rest of the system by the pump!!!)

Not partially as with conventional filtration (multi pass), on the return to the reservoir after the damage is done on its journey through the system!

In achieving this Magnom brings a host of health benefits to these systems as a whole!

Also with the Magnom product range you can strategically protect critical components and operations, and thus realise the benefits of effectively protecting your system or process.


It just makes complete sense !!!