HYDAC Magnetic Filtration test

Magnetic Filtration test

Magnom magnetic filtration technology

Magnom Corp, innovators in magnetic filtration/separation technology developed a special magnetic core to fit inside the popular Hydac LF 60, LF 110 & LF 240 filter housings.

It seemed only fit that this evolution in filtration technology be tested in house at Hydac.

It is clear from the Hydac test images below, that the Magnom magnetic core has proven hugely efficient.
Removing all of the micro-fine magnetic contaminant from the laboratory test fluids.

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You can see from the images, the progression of efficiency of the Magnom magnetic technology,

With the majority of the contaminant being removed from the fluids on entry to the magnetic core at the top of the stack of patented magnetic cores.
Contamination then reducing as the fluid passes further into the magnetic core.

It is also evident from the images supplied by Hydac, that the flow channels (fluid pathways) stay clean and clear of contaminant.and do not block or restrict fluid flow at any point, even when the magnetic core is totally full of contamination.

This also means that the contaminant remains in the traps created by the unique Magnom technology, out of the fluid flow.
Thus can not be washed off and re-introduced to the system (as with other magnetic devices),
This results in nil/negligible pressure differential across the patented magnetic core,
Winch means that Magnom technology can also be fitted to the suction/negative pressure side of pumps and systems, without fear of cavitation.

Put simply!

Magnom Technology is

‘the most significant Filtration development’

for over 70 years!