Magnom & Cubic3 / Reliability in Hydraulic systems ‘Magnetic Filtration Really Works !’

More positive news from the Cement and Concrete industry!


Long term Magnom customer Cubic3, ( are …

Manufacturers and suppliers of volumetric concrete mixers and KCP concrete pumps,

They have been fitting Magnom Products to their innovative equipment since their concrete mixer product launch in 2007.

This has provided a unique opportunity for long term evaluation of the reliability benefits provided by Magnom magnetic filtration,


Following the evaluation, even experienced Magnom engineers have been surprised by the level of system/component life extension seen in this application.


Jobey Marlowe (Technical Director of Magnom Corp) commented…

“We are familiar with the the long term benefits of using Magnom magnetic filtration that have been experienced by our customers, but we have not seen such a unique and long term account of system reliability previously, that provides such compelling evidence demonstrating :- that removal of micron size, super hard & super sharp ferrous contamination efficiently from hydraulic and lubrication systems can have such a long term and dramatic positive impact on system reliability”


Though we must also not forget the excellent design and engineering skills used in the Nurock product range.

Managing Director Graham Jones confirmed :-

Our product line has gained a growing reputation across the industry

for strength and reliability.

This in no small part .. thanks to Magnom Magnetic filtration products”.

Cubic3 & Nurock Technical Director Tony Jones… sums it up!

“In all of the years we have been producing our innovative systems, we have only seen three hydraulic pump or motor component failures and these were not even attributable to contamination, ‘this is unheard of in our industry”.

The Cubic3 team also commented :-

The fit and forget nature of the ‘Magnom PumpMate product’ (Suction strainer replacement), has also provided a reduction in filtration consumables along with a reduction in typical industry system & machine service intervals.

Which in turn with our enhanced reliability, provides increased machine production availability (and of course productivity) for the end user.

“Once we trialled Magnom products, and experienced the results, we could not conceive of building hydraulic and lube systems without installing these superior filtration products”.

“The cost V benefit has been a ‘no brainer’ for us!”

Could this be the cure for death of hard working Hydraulic and lube systems?