Magnom & TEREX improving the performance of critical hydraulic and lubrication systems.

Following exhaustive testing, both in house and on live vehicle trials

TEREX have now adopted Magnom PumpMate products, as standard
Equipment on hydraulic systems.

This follows exhaustive evaluation of PumpMate product, fitted to the
suction ports of hydraulic pumps on their range of Dump Trucks.

Magnom PumpMate technology protects the pump and the entire system,
from recirculating wear materials, generated in the harsh conditions
in which the TEREX trucks are employed.

The PumpMate product can be a fit for life proposition, (fit and forget),
And can easily last the life of hydraulic systems, without requiring service.
(Note! system dependant).

Removal of ‘Super hard’, ‘Super sharp’ micronic contaminants from
these systems, (that are allowed to recirculate through conventional
Filtration), can have a massive positive impact on system life and health.

Thus increasing machine availability, increasing production, while reducing
maintenance cost.

A massive benefit to the machine/end user.

Magnom products are being widely used/specified by a wide range
of off highway OEM companies globally.
As well as many after market heavy equipment users