Magnom agent HYPOWER CHINA ( has developed a revolutionary filtration solution to protect critical hydraulic and lubrication systems.

The solution is entirely self contained, with its own pump and internal plumbing.
The solution has conventional filtration cartridges with Magnom patented magnetic cores also incorporated into the assembly,
Providing an off the shelf, self contained filtration solution for critical systems, such as Wind Turbine gearboxes, hydraulic power systems,
Also the company is now developing an analogous design, that can be used to clean high pressure coolant systems of highly damaging Micro ferrous particulate.


These innovative solutions will be on display at the forth coming exhibition from 29/11-16 to 2/12/16
18th China Donggguang Int’l Mould, Metalworking, Plastics & Packaging Exhibition.

For the first time a complete filtration solution is available off the shelf, for customers to use as a direct in-line installation, or as a kidney loop / off line package, with all of the latest filtration technology contained in one total solution.


Magnom Corp are delighted to have their innovative technology coupled to traditional filtration, in a very inovative package/solution, that for the first time offers the customer/end-user a total filtration solution in one unit.

This simplifies the previously complication of having to specify a variety of filter elements into the appropriate specification housings, with the correct connection specification, while attempting to predict differential pressure restrictions, and hoping that this will all fit in the space available.



We congratulate Hypower on their highly innovative approach to solving critical customers system problems.

The total solution is expected to have a list price of just $2600 USD.

You can see more of the Hypower Magnom solutions at


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