Mercury Marine use Magnom filtration Technology.


Mercury Marine,

The US leader in Marine outboards & drive

systems, use Magnom Filtration Technology, as an OEM fitment, to further enhance the reliability and efficiency of their POD drive hydraulic and lube systems.

Magnom removes the highly damaging particles that circulate in hydraulic and lubrication systems, these contaminant ate typically left in circulation by conventional filtration.


The Magnom Tech, is free flowing, and presents no restriction to fluid flow, even when full of contaminant, and is a highly efficient ‘single pass’ solution.

Preventing the continued re circulation of damaging contaminant throughout the system, extending the life of critical components within systems.


Jobey Marlowe of Magnom Corp said…

“The Mercury product, uses a development of our highly efficient F1 and Moto GP technology, and offers the same system protection enjoyed by race teams all over the globe, a true example of a performance focused product, delivering benefits to the mass market”

The team at Magnom are proud of their technical performance, as well as their OEM projects success.