Magnom succeeds in Norwegian high tech EDM plant

Aarbakke a.s is one of Norway’s leading manufacturers of speciality downhole equipment for the
offshore industry ( ).
They work in close cooperation with all major oil companies and service companies including
Halliburton-Schlumberge-Weatherford. The factory itself is state of the art, including all new
equipment and even orange trees in the main manufacturing area to monitor air quality.

Aarbakke Norway Picture 1

Terje Selbach, owner of ‘Game Changer technology’, The Norwegian Magnom distributor, was unsure of how effective the Magnom technology would be in this new appilication,
because the company typically works with very exotic materials, including superduplex titanium.
Aarbakke fitted a Magnom Clear Process Unit (CPU) to one of their EDM machines,

It took only a couple of minutes before they could see contaminant building up on the core.

Aarbakke Norway Picture 2

On the back of this success Aarbakke have placed a Magnom Process Unit on their centralised fluid cleaning system (on the supposedly clean side with a flow of 117 l/min) and are now introducing Clear Process Units on to each machine to minimise downtime and optimuise performance.
Magnom Process Units have cleared more than 100 kg of superfine contamination from these high-tech systems from the  ‘suposed’ clean side of the fluid system to date.

Presently it requires cleaning every week when 2-3 kg of fine contamination is removed from the system and trapped in the CPU’s patented magnetic core.

The level of very fine particulate on the clean side of a filtration system that initially cost millions of NOK (Norwegian Krona) has been quite a surprise to Aarbakke.
A trainee has been put in charge of the servicing of the units as part of his general training
They have recently begun quantifying the savings through increased tool and fluid life.

Aaarbakke has now specified the Magnom Technology on all new machines for that are presently on order.