Magnom Magnetic Filtration, increases Power production, and extends transmission life.


Magnom Magnetic filtration has been used/proven to clean highly viscous lubricating fluids used in power transmissions in Major Power stations in Europe (particularly coal powered), to protect the highly stressed transmissions, running 24/7, and to extend their production life, while massively reducing maintenance and repair costs.


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While the reduction in maintenance costs was highly attractive the the Power Gen users, it was the extended availability for the transmissions to produce valuable power that was/is the main driving force for the plant wide adoptions of Magnom magnetic filtration.

These Power Gen Applications have seen the same benefits realised in a wide variety of transmissions,
It begs the question… why would anyone use a size discriminate conventional filter, that requires replacing on a very regular basis, and also restricts the flow of the highly viscous lubricating oils, when almost all of the debris produced by these transmissions is Ferrous (Iron & steel), of a particle size that is very often much smaller than the rating of the conventional filtration typically fitted.

When a Magnom solution will hold up-to ’40 times the contaminant of conventional filters’ (size for size), is non restrictive, and is cleanable/re-usable

The case study information, and the end user experience is compelling,
Magnom Technology could just be the “Cure for death in transmissions”.

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