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Differential Pressure Test, BY ‘Bosch Rexroth’ Independent

The question always asked, when adding filtration to a system is… 

“What is the Differential Pressure curve… clean to full, of contaminant”.

Well the big news is… Magnom technology does not have any Differential Pressure , when either New (empty) or Full (Used), (the PD being nil/negligible).

In fact the data from a Bosch Rexroth Independent is.. the DP drops as the Magnom fills with contaminant, ‘Counter Intuitive’ but true… please see the link below to the test data.

The up-shot is, you can add Magnom (obviously of the appropriate size) to a system and not have to consider the DP, this is especially important on suction (negative pressure) Pre-Pump applications, hence the test results at the link below.

Link:- Differential Pressure Test by Bosch Rexroth independent.

I trust you will find this information informative and interesting, please see the link to the White Pater on the home page for a full technical explanation of the ‘NIL DP’ phenomenon.